Buttercream Frosting

Buttercream Frosting for your birthday cake recipe

4 large eggs
1 cup granulated sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
pinch table salt
1 pound softened unsalted butter (4 sticks), stick cut into quarters


  1. Combine eggs, sugar, vanilla, and salt in bowl of standing mixer; place bowl over pan of simmering water. Whisking gently but constantly, heat mixture until thin and foamy and registers 160 degrees on instant-read thermometer.
  2. Beat egg mixture on medium-high speed with your whisk attachment until light, airy, and cooled to room temperature, about 5 minutes. Reduce speed to medium and add butter, one piece at a time.
  3. Once all butter is added, increase speed to high and beat 1 minute until light, fluffy, and thoroughly combined. This frosting will last about 5 days in the fridge if you want to make ahead.

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