Topsy Turvy Cars Themed Cake

by Judy
(New York)

Topsy Turvy Race Car Cake

Topsy Turvy Race Car Cake

This cake was so much fun to create! It was the first time I'd attempted to decorate a cake because fondant always frightened me! The most important things are: don't over-knead your fondant, or it'll fall apart, and make sure to roll it super-thin so it lays smooth.

I'm certainly no expert, but I spent hours researching this cake, and I just wanted to post my own so others could get some ideas.

For this cake I used:

Two 6 x 2 pans
Two 8 x 2 pans
Two 10 x 2 pans

1 Yellow Cake mix
1 Chocolate Cake mix

Wilton Icing
Red food coloring
Black food coloring
Yellow food coloring
White cookie icing
Wilton "Cars" Icing Decorations
Two Lollipop sticks
1 Wooden Dowel (cut in half)
Icing Bag
Icing Tip (any shape you want to use to border the cake)

1. Bake cakes according to package directions, filling each pan half-way;
2. Layer and Ice all three cakes; Cut bottom of each cake diagonally for stacking (for tips on topsy-turvy cakes, please find a different tutorial. I made mine up as I went along, but it will come out much nicer when done right) ; Crumb-coat cakes and freeze;
3. Roll out white fondant for bottom layer;
4. Color and roll out red and black fondant (make extra for checkerboard) for middle and top layer;
5. Remove cakes from freezer and lay fondant on each layer;
6. Cut black fondant squares and place on white layer by gently spreading water on the back of the square (careful, black coloring runs! I used black icing...bad idea);
7. Take yellow fondant and cut small rectangles for street on top layer;
8. Stack all three cakes, using 2 1/2 wooden dowels. On top layer, where dowels have made holes in the top layer, place two lollipop sticks for the banner (you can make one on the computer);
9. Color icing yellow and trim edges as you please;
10. Stick Cars icing decorations onto middle tier with cookie icing;
11. Place your favorite Cars character on top.


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